The organization started in 2007 with income generating activities, poultry keeping and later tree nurseries with green houses. Later in 2013 it got registered as a CBO then upgraded to an NGO targeting girl child mentorship.

The organization currently has 32 members. Activities involved in:

  • Beadwork
  • Energy Conversation
  • Livelihood Projects
  • Crocheting
Objective and vision of the organization:
  • To promote, develop, protect and empower the community directly aimed at eradicating poverty, conserving the environment, access to education, health care and welfare.
  • To make the society live a life of dignity, justice at individual level.
Reasons for joining HNK/Expectations from HNK
  • Capacity building to increase skills and knowledge
  • To exchange ideas with other groups
  • To obtain new friends for motivation purposes to strive on.
Contributions to HNK/ How your Organization wishes to be of support to HNK
  • To freely exchange ideas and get partners
  • Collaborate with other serious groups to facilitate growth
  • To be good ambassadors of HNK in all aspects
  • To be part of the success of HNK