Hands of Hope was founded in 2005, but was registered in 2009. The purpose was to create a platform for dialogue on barriers that hinder PWDs and other vulnerable members in the society, to access inclusive, meaningful, quality life and to effectively participate in public and social life. These barriers prohibit access to goods, basic services and social inclusion, necessary for enjoying dignified living in communities we live in.

Hands of Hope aims at creating a structured feedback mechanism process, while promoting measures that reduce stigma towards PWDs vulnerable and their families as well as working to improve trust, improve avenues through which their voices can be heard on a continuous and sustained basis. Hand of Hope CBO pursues appreciative enquiry approach in its working with clients, community and public officials.

The organization has 14 members.

  • To promote initiatives that enhances capacity of individuals to manage safe, cleaner environment for all.
  • To partner with other like minded organizations with the purpose of improving wellbeing of PWDs/ vulnerable and their families at household level.
  • Molding, baking cook stove liners
  • Assembling of energy saving complete cook stoves
  • Promote climate change mitigating measures by planting trees and restoring indigenous forests
  • Promote capacity building initiatives and make continuous follow ups to enhance sustainable rehabilitation/livelihood.
Expectations from HNK
  • Improve living standards
Contributions to HNK
  • Trained members will train other group members and be ambassadors towards affiliation to HNK.