Strategic Plan Implementation Oversight committee meeting

Strategic Plan Implementation Oversight committee meeting 2nd – 6th October, 2023 at MS TCDC Arusha, Tanzania

Meeting Objectives:

  1. Comprehensive Role Clarification: One of the primary objectives of this meeting is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the committee’s roles and responsibilities. This clarification will be extended to both the regional and national levels, with particular emphasis on the crucial aspect of financial management. By delving deep into these roles, we aim to ensure that each committee member possesses a clear and nuanced understanding of their duties, empowering them to execute their tasks effectively.
  2. Constitutional Review: Another pivotal focus of this gathering is to continue the ongoing review of the HNI (HomeNet International) constitution. This review process is a vital step in the preparation for the development of the HNA (HomeNet Africa) constitution. Through collaborative examination and analysis, we seek to refine and strengthen the governing framework of our organization. This will ensure that our constitution aligns with our evolving goals and objectives, fostering a governance structure that is adaptive, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of our organization and its members.

By addressing these objectives comprehensively, we aim to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our committee members in their respective roles. Furthermore, our commitment to refining our constitution underscores our dedication to good governance and transparent decision-making, which are fundamental principles of our organization’s values. Through these efforts, we strive to advance the mission and impact of HomeNet International and HomeNet Africa.

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